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Based on the Edvolve Framework. Created by Experts.

Drs. LeeAnn Lindsey and Kristen Mattson are the creators of the Edvolve Framework - a (FREE!) guiding document that highlights #DigCit skills & concepts across grade levels and content areas. 

They created this course to help educators use the framework to understand and teach digital citizenship. This course is perfect for any teacher, leader, coach, or LMS looking to add or elevate #DigCit in their classroom, library, or school system! Want more info? Check out the course outline.

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Course Features

This course uses active and collaborative learning strategies to keep you interested and engaged!

  • You'll experience a variety of hands-on, engaging activities throughout the course

  • You'll have opportunities to learn from and connect with others who are also interested in #DigCit

  • You'll get loads of resources that you can use right away


  • Who is the intended audience for this course?

    This course was designed for EDUCATORS! That includes teachers, leaders, curriculum specialists, coaches, LMSs, and others who want to strengthen digital citizenship instruction.

  • Is this course self-paced or facilitated?

    This course is self-paced so that participants can learn when the time is right for them. However, many schools and districts have found success purchasing multiple seats in the course and having a cohort take it together using a blended learning "book study" format where participants take each chapter during a designated week and then meet synchronously to discuss and make connections that are personal to their school or district. Contact LeeAnn ([email protected]) to find out more about purchasing multiple seats in the course for a school or district cohort.

  • How long does the course take to complete?

    Hard question to answer, as every learner will complete activities at a different pace. Most learners report spending 5-7 hours to complete the course.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    If you're accessing the course as an individual (not through your school or district), you have access for 365 days. If you're taking the course through your school or district, you also most likely have access for 365 days, but you should check with your course contact.

  • Can a school or district use a PO to purchase seats in the course?

    Yes, we accept POs when you purchase 10 or more course seats! Fill out this form to request a quote - https://bit.ly/RequestPO3.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • About This Course

    • Course Materials and Tips

    • How to Navigate the Course

  • 2

    Ch. 1: Getting Started

    • 1.1 Roll Call (Introductions)

    • 1.2 Warm Up

    • 1.3 Intro to Digital Citizenship

    • Check for Understanding: Intro

  • 3

    Ch. 2: Digital Safety

    • 2.1 What is Digital Safety?

    • 2.2 Reflect on Your Digital Safety

    • 2.3 Challenge Your Digital Safety

    • 2.4 Digital Safety in the Classroom

    • 2.5 Teaching Digital Safety

    • Digital Safety Check for Understanding

  • 4

    Ch. 3: Media and Information Literacy

    • 3.1 What is Media and Information Literacy?

    • 3.2 Reflect on Your Media and Information Literacy

    • 3.3 Challenge Your Media and Information Literacy

    • 3.4 Media and Information Literacy in the Classroom

    • 3.5 Teaching Media and Information Literacy

    • Check for Understanding: Ch. 3

  • 5

    Ch. 4: Digital Well-Being

    • 4.1 What is Digital Well-Being?

    • 4.2 Reflect on Your Digital Well-Being

    • 4.3 Challenge Your Digital Well-Being

    • 4.4 Digital Well-Being in the Classroom

    • 4.5 Teaching Digital Well-Being

    • Check for Understanding: Ch. 4

  • 6

    Ch. 5: Social Responsibility

    • 5.1 What is Social Responsibility?

    • 5.2 Reflect on Your Social Responsibility

    • 5.3 Challenge Your Social Responsibility

    • 5.4 Social Responsibility in the Classroom

    • 5.5 Teaching Social Responsibility

    • Check for Understanding: Ch. 5

  • 7

    Ch. 6: Putting It All Together

    • 6.1 Integrate Digital Citizenship

    • 6.2 Edvolve an Existing Lesson

    • 6.3 Sharing Ideas

    • 6.4 Final Reflection

    • Congrats! Here's What's Next

    • Before you go...