Bring families together to strengthen digital decision making

We've done all the planning for you, and priced it for schools and districts on a budget -- Just $69 to get the kit with all the guides, materials, and handouts you'll need.

What if there were planning and facilitation materials created and ready to go for you to facilitate a meaningful & impactful event? There are - Let us help you.
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What You'll Get

  • Opening and Closing Videos

    Videos to set the tone and provide closure to the event featuring two digital citizenship experts

  • Interactive Stations

    Facilitator guides and materials to run five interactive station activities exploring digital life

  • Take-Home Materials

    A digital-use contract template and reference guide to send home with families

Meet the Kit Creators

Dr. LeeAnn Lindsey and Dr. Kristen Mattson are educators with a combined 40 years in education. They both found a passion for digital citizenship while teaching and pursuing their doctoral degrees. As digital citizenship consultants, both LeeAnn and Kristen are often asked by school leaders to speak with families about technology and digital citizenship. Recognizing the limitations of "one-and-done" presentations from outsiders, they were inspired to create this kit with all the materials needed for schools to facilitate their own meaningful digital citizenship family event. 

Their philosophy is that families need time and opportunity for dialogue that will help them determine their core values and priorities as digital citizens and access to resources that will help them implement those values. The Family Night Kit reflects these ideas.

Kristen and LeeAnn also offer a FREE family event starter guide at

What's in the Kit?

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Stuff You Need to Know

  • Why do I need to create an account to view the free preview material?

    The kit is hosted within an online portal and an account is required to view anything within it... even the free stuff.

  • I pre-ordered the kit. When will I have access?

    Log in on Dec. 15 at 1pm ET and you will have full access to the kit!

  • When I purchase a kit, how long do I have access to the materials?

    You will have access to the materials for 365 days from date of purchase. You will receive any updates or additions to the kit within that time frame, automatically.

  • Can I use the kit across multiple sites?

    A kit purchase is intended as a site license for the materials. If you would like to use material across multiple sites, please purchase additional kits as needed. We know that there will be circumstances that fall into a "grey area" in which case, we ask that you use your best judgement.

  • I would like to purchase multiple kits. How does that work?

    The easiest way to purchase multiple kits is to make each purchase under a unique account. If you are are using the kit across sites, you can create a login for a point person at each site who will then get access to the kit. If you do not need or wish to have multiple people with logins to access the kit, email me at [email protected] to begin a purchase order process.

  • After I purchase the kit, how do I access the material?

    To purchase a kit, you will first need to create an account. The email and password that you use for the account/purchase will be the same email and password to log in and access the kit material. Please note that the Dig Cit Family Event Kit has been developed by the Dig Cit Doctors, however, the kit is hosted by Edvolve. Therefore, the emails you receive will come from Edvolve (not the Dig Cit Doctors). The email will have the link you need to log in and access all kit materials. All facilitator guides, handouts, and instruction sheets will be downloadable. Tip: When you purchase a kit, use the email address of the point person associated with your family night event.

  • Do you offer any free family night materials?

    YES! Download our FREE family night starter guide at

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